Editor’s Note:   The following 7  group images are assembled to illustrate the typical characteristics of paintings from each period.   This overview cannot replace the knowledge of several thousands of the artist’s paintings,  but can be a kind of additional key to the work of Andrei Belotsvetov  ( Key 1  see Review – M.Zgustova).

Period of Creation – Overview

 ... 1942  craft at all levels (Rembradt period) 0__1923-42_(Rembradt period).png

1st period 1942-1962

1a. 1942-1950  preparatory-period (still-lifes, portraits, landscapes)

1b. 1950-1962  experiments with styles, processes, techniques

2nd period 1962-1980  Phase I of the clause

2a. 1962-1970  looks like an abstraction, but it's morphoses of elements in their manifold2a_1962-72_I.phase_of_the_clause_(morphing_elements)
A note on the concept of morphosis:
The painting Magda and Darius 
(1967)  – here 3rd from the end – really belongs to this period of “morphoses”, although  it would seem that it should already belong to the following period. In this picture it can be shown that morphing can be done not only by artistic but also by expressive means. Darius does not look very “intelligent” here, but he only looks like this here (it is an illustration of the play with expression, i.e.  one of the possible morphoses) – in many other paintings Darius is a normal boy of the appropriate age. Two others are placed “before and after” for comparison: Magda and Darius and Darius himself.

2b. 1970-1983  purification of elements -  contrasts, simplification, objectification

At the end of this phase, the various stylish forms are completely mastered – the painter has gotten “above the form” itself.

3rd period 1983-1990  Phase II of the clause of “tinging” with paint (“votization”)

3__1983-90_II.phase of clause-tinting_(votization)

4th period 1990-1997  all-pervading white (glow of pneuma)