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Andrea Pilařová Belotsvetová, daughter of a painter,
paintress, art restorer and expert on the artist’s work.

Consultation and advice when in doubt about the authenticity of Andrej Bělotcvětov’s paintings.

    Andrea was born in 1950 in Prague.   She is an artist – she was introduced to the basics of drawing and painting at an early age in her family. Subsequent studies in Czech literature-art education at Faculty of Philosophy Charles University, ideally combines the author’s two main artistic orientations. In the 1980s and early 1990s, she was a member of the Union of Visual Artists.  Until 1998, she was mainly engaged in free art and teaching art education at the Folk Art School.
     She has exhibited her works at a number of exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Spain, Switzerland….).  In 1996 she received the Masaryk Academy of Arts Award for artistic creativity.
    Since 1999 she has been mainly engaged in promoting the work of her father Andrei Belotsvetov (pseudonym Bělocvětov), has written a number of texts and treatises about him, and has organized several exhibitions.
In 2016, she wrote and published a monograph on the painter’s life and work, Music of Absolute. Here, in the section “Commented paintings”, texts from this book are mostly used.

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